1 Crore Jobs in India in 6 months

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How can the government of India employee 1 Crore people in 6 months time.

  • Making a list of all the unused land in India private or government which can be used for irrigation , farming , animal husbandry , fishing and all.
  • We would get approximately 20% of the land in India unused.
  • Hire all the uneducated or least educated people in India as business partners.
  • Given them a part of this land on long lease of 20 Years and renewable.
  • Give these people training and updates in their language with how to make the most out of that land with basic expense for their family and an incentive model.
  • This can instantly employee 1 Crore plus uneducated or less educated people in India with a stable income and these people will add a lot of value to the Indian economy.
  • This will also get the price of vegetables , fruits and other basic products down as the MAKE IN INDIA will grow and multiply. Once our needs are fulfilled , rest we export to other under developed countries at minimum profit and make them our own family.
  • By doing this India will be adopting at least 50 small countries in next 10 years time and becoming the biggest , most loving , sharing and family owned country in the world.

will discuss in detail when we meet in person :).

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