125 Airports in India with no security to scan people.

It was really shocking to analyse and understand how the 125 domestic airports work in India without technology. They have literally zero security when it comes to scanning and checking passengers.

travel at domestic airport using fake identity

We all know that anyone can print any identity card ( Aadhar Card , Election Id , PAN Card or anything ) it will look real untill someone actually puts those numbers in a system to scan and know its really the original identity card of a person or just a fake identity.

Now lets analyse how do we travel in India using the domestic airport and how secure they are :-

  1. I go to any online portal and purchase a ticket on any name i want.
  2. After the purchase i can print the identity of that name from any small time black market.
  3. Using this ticket and identity i go to the airport , the CISF staff like a James Bond will see the photograph and your face and will allow you inside.
  4. Then you go and stand in the airline counter line , the airport ground staff also asks for your government identity , gives another James Bond look as if he/she has scanned you like a robot and know that the identity and the ticket name is really you.
  5. Then you get your boarding pass and you are in the flight to travel in any part of India with any name.
  6. This is how criminals travel from one city to another without any hesitation.
  7. As of today the government has no way to check the passengers travelling through the tickets are really them or not.
  8. They have machines to check their bags and bags and bags that’s all.
  9. 99% crimes are done by living humans and 1% by non living objects which the 125 domestic airports focus on to check and leave the 99%.

I hope our Aviation Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu takes this seriously and takes some immediate  action to improve the security of India.

Solution :-

  1. Simple scanning equipment given to all the CISF guards across India.
  2. This will be connected to the government servers where all this igovernment identity like aadhar , election id , pan card and all data is stored.
  3. This will make the chances to fake identity travel next to impossible and help the police nab the criminals easily and stop intercity criminal activities.

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