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APMC India (All Product Marketing Company) is a platform to unite the unorganized retailers in India against the organized corporate and international companies. Join Us :-


  • Corporate companies have got into organized retail of Food products , Grocery , Vegetables , Fruits , Medicine and Personal care.
  • This is killing the business of local retailer , every time you see a Hypercity , BigBazaar , D-Mart , Reliance Retail , Amazon , (Flipkart , Snapdeal and many more started by Indian but controlled by International companies as they have major share after funding these companies) and many more hundreds of shops gets closed in that area. or their business drops by 50% with very less profit.
  • Right now organized retail is just 15% in India which will multiply 5 times in 5 years as per the report from various institutions , majorly in tier – 1 and tier – 2 cities to start with.
  • We need to unite all the retailers under APMC India brand and become corporate before the corporate companies crush these retailers.
  • Attached is the Ward Master Franchise Form. Please fill it and we will have a detailed discussion how to proceed on the same.
  • A decade back US had the same percentage(10% corporate and 85% local retailers) of organized and unorganized retail. Today its opposite , unorganized and small retailers are just 10% left in US. Same will happen in India if we don’t unite today.
  • The way Uber and Ola came in India and crushed the business of local cab drivers and today they don’t have any place to go. In beginning they gave a lot of offers and promotions to customers and drivers as they have deep pockets and international fund. But today the real story everyone knows , they have increased the price and pay very less to the drivers and we don’t have an option of those local cabs the was we had in past. Same will happen in retail which we require to run out houses everyday.
  • By doing this you will help the local retailers in your area to fight against the corporate and international companies and give same product at a better price and quality than the corporate and the public by giving heavy discounts to them for their daily basic needs as compared to the corporate.
Investment :- 
  • Ward Master Franchise Fees = INR 15,00,000/-
  • 300sq ft – 500sq Ft Office.
  • 5 People team with an avg salary of 15,000 to 25,000.
  • Total Investment = INR 20,00,000 – INR 25,00,000
Returns :- 
  • Collecting INR 100 psf from the local retailer as franchise fees to become a part of APMC INDIA.
  • Post investment recovery 50% franchise fees goes to the Ward Master Franchise.
  • 5% of profit per shop goes to Ward Master Franchise per month from Francture Brands Pvt Ltd share with the Shop. i.e If there are 100 Shops in your ward with an average profit of 2,50,000 per month and Francture Brands Pvt ltd has a share of 50% profit from that , then Ward Master Franchise gets INR 6250 * 100 = Rs 6.25lac per month from the above venture.
  • Annual Returns = 6.25lac * 12 = 75Lac.
  • Annual Expense = 20Lac
  • Annual Profit = 75Lac – 20Lac = 55lac.

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