Bullet train project India a Scam or Development ?

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We all are hearing about the news of bullet train project in India. Some people are saying its a big scam and some are saying its good for development of the nation. Let me give you my views on the same on both the prospects :-

Scam :- 

  • Cost of construction of a bullet train in China is $ 17-21 Million per km as per world bank report.
  • This would have profit of at least 20% included as no one works for free , India should be 5% to 10% more than this as we also have cheap labour , rest all are products.
  • But as per reports cost of this 17 Billion or 17000 Million or 17000/508km ( $33 Million per km )
  • It is said to be a 80-20 deal. As per above the 20% investment is not required which the government is showing as an investment to do this project by government of India.
  • 20% of $17 Billion = $3.4 Billion investment by India.  Why do we need this money and where will it go.
  • If Japan is so friendly and our friend then take all the money from them which they want to disburse ( $100 Billion – $500 Billion or $1 Trillion ..for all the projects in India which we have borrowed from other countries or world bank , repay it back and give interest to Japan .01% which they have agreed.
  • This will multiply the GDP of India overnight , make us debt free and we will be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Please give your views on the same.

Development :- 

Please give your views on the same.

Correct me if i am wrong somewhere with some factsheet – im@digantsharma.com

I am not against Modi or any government. All i want is pure development of our Nation by the people we have trusted and given our country to run.

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