Election Manifesto Of Political Parties Submission Approval Reform

election manifesto reform

As i was studying Indian government , politics and politicians. It has come to my attention a very serious issue which we all should work on with immediate basis for the benefit of the nation.
All Political Parties should present their Election Manifesto to the election commission of India before the election with a detailed implementation plan approved by Election Commission of India.

  • If someone says we will give houses to all. Ask them how and how much time ?
  • We will get black money back in India. Ask them how and how much time ?
  • We will give 2 Crore jobs. Ask them how and how much time ?

The was a small company is asked hundreds of question before they get funded by any angel investor, private equity or Venture Capitalist, similarly they also answer their Manifesto before they present it to the country.

Every line printed in that document should be scrutinized by the election commission of India and approved once given satisfactory explanation with time frame submitted to all the media houses in India where they explain to public through their media channels how this political manifesto by this political party will be implemented in your region. Else they need to rewrite it time and again till its a realistic and can be implemented in those 5 years of rule.
This election manifesto should have multiple criteria as if in full power then how will you work , if in opposition then what all will you do other than opposing and protesting against other parties.
Once that political party is elected, public can keep an eye on them and make sure that its been followed if that government want to be re-elected in next election. have sent an email to the election commission commissioner Shri A K Joti. Lets see how can we implement it and make it mandatory for all Political Parties in India. Lets change India for once and forever. Same can be implemented in every part of the world to make sure the dreams politicians show us are realistic as per the existing scenario.

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