How caste system reservation can make India a Super Power

We all have different views on caste system. Let me try and change your point of view of how India can redesign its caste system to become a super power.

  • Babasaheb Ambedkar said that reservation should be only for a period of 10 years after independence.
  • But till today we see it in India which is not helping us grow at the speed which India deserves.

To redesign the caste system reservation in India , the government of India should take the below simple steps.

  • Government has linked majority of the people to banks
  • They know how much people are earning by the IT returns they have filed.
  • New reservation should be for every Indian citizen who is earning below INR 2,40,000.
  • All the people with Indian citizenship should not be entitled to any caste reservation if their annual individual income is more than INR 2,40,000 or Family income more than INR 5,00,000.
  • If we follow the above all the people who have achieved something in life with the help of caste reservation and can support themselves and their family will now be considered as normal citizens.
  • This will give a boost to the other class of people in India who have got a negative thinking for the people with reservations.
  • If we follow this process in the next 15 years , caste reservation system will be abolished from India.
  • All the citizens of India will be well equipped with knowledge , wealth , power and contribute to the development of India to make it the most powerful nation in the world

If you want to do a peaceful implementation of the above with proper output do let me know.

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