How to Stop Blue Whale challenge in India and save everyone.

Blue Whale is a game started by some loosers with a destructive mind. How can we stop this in India and globally.

  • These people send messages from multiple social media platforms.
  • There is a particular pattern of these messages which are sent to different people.
  • Government of India should connect their Cyber Cell to all these social media sites and ISP ( Internet Service Provider ), scan their database with softwares which can easily detect if anyone from any id has sent or received any such message with similar or exact pattern.
  • Once detected as per the IP location the ISP will give the cyber cell the address of the person who is being targeted and an immediate action will be take by the cyber police to stop the crime and save an innocent human life.
  • This will also get the cyber police to the roots of the Blue Whale game spammers who are spreading this PAN India.
  • Same process can be implemented globally and in 15 days we can stop this game globally.

If you want to know how to implement the same , call me – +91-9920808363.

Jai Hind

2 thoughts on “How to Stop Blue Whale challenge in India and save everyone.

  1. Ruth

    Do you honestly think the admins of the Blue Whale Challenge are stupid? They’re probably prepared for something like this. I’m at least 85% sure people have tried this. If it had worked, we would’ve heard about it.

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