The Local Offline Social Media Networks – Change the world.

Nowdays we see alot of hate , crime and bad things happening in the world, there are many reasons for this. I would not like to waste time on discussing and describing all those problems , rather give you a solution how to overcome this problem :-

All of us know about Online Social Media Network – Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Google+ , Instagram n…

  • From birth till death 95% of the time we are surrounded by the people who live in our society , people who we see everyday , people in our local area.
  • We hardly know anyone from these 95% of the people who are doctors , engineers , electrician , directors , Govt officials and much more specially in the so called fast growing cities.
  • This had made people lonely.
  • We don’t have any real person to talk.
  • All we are doing is living in a virtual fantasy world with a dream which is never fulfilled.
  • We hardly see our friends.
  • We hardly know our real friends.
  • We don’t know who to trust and who not to trust.
  • We don’t know whom to call when we are in problem from the thousands of virtual friends that we have in our network.


Just follow the below in your daily life and you will be a part of The Local Offline Social Media Networks to change the world and make it a better place to live.

  1. Make a list of people in you building with their name , age , profession , likes , problems , dreams.
  2. Take a print of the main sheet once it is complete and give it to each and every house in your society or building.
  3. Make kids in the building or society as administrators to invite each and every house everyday or once in 3 days for a get together.
  4. From the list each and every person ( Male/Female/Kids) can meet and know people they would like to interact.
  5. Meet each other with a clear heart , with lots of love and respect for each other irrespective of the caste , color or religion and you will see how your life changes.
  6. Just by doing the above you will be 10 times better networked and happy in your personal and professional life with a bigger family and friends than ever before.

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