Where the hell is Justice ??

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After studying IPC , SLL(Special Local Laws ) , CrPC , NCRB , Police Department , Judicial Department , Law , International Law , Human Rights , Prison Manual , Prison Reforms , Psychology , Neuroscience , Analytics , Human IQ , GDP , PPP , Economy , International Treaty , UN Structure and pattern and many more research, what i have realized is – Where the hell is Justice ?

Before i take you any further let me explain you with a simple example :-

Mr A who is an uneducated person born in a poor family and has never paid tax in any form , to fulfill his family or personal basic needs steals Rs 10,000 from Mr B and might have committed similar petty crimes in the past.

Mr B goes to police station and files an FIR against Mr A for stealing Rs 10,000.

Police department uses their network build on tax payers money , to find Mr A and put him/her in police custody for some days , in this time he is given 3 meals a day and daily medical treatment and one guard on the police lockup duty.

After the police custody is done the Judge sends Mr A to Judicial Custody. In this time the Police is searching for more proofs to make a strong chargesheet against Mr A and give him maximum punishment as per IPC , CrPC. Normally Police takes 60-90 days to file a chargesheet in normal case.

So Mr A who stole Rs 10,000 from Mr B , government spent more than 15,00,000 to 20,00,000 of our Tax paid money in 60-90 days. This includes infrastructure , daily operational expense , salary of police at police station and prison , Salary of Judge , Public Prosecutor , meals provided to Mr A , Medical for Mr A , Court dates till case is finalized with police protection and more..

After the above process is done mostly the people are granted bail by the Judge and the case goes on for years so the salary of the judge and entire court backend team , court daily expense is money spend from the tax paid by the citizen of this country. Eventually the court either acquits that person or convicts him/her for the crime another 6 months to 3 years and fins or both as per the IPC or CrPC. Again at the cost of the tax payer.

After completing the above process and wasting 15,00,000 – 20,00,000 of our tax paid money , the entire Police Department , Judicial Department and Prison Department does not have one single paper , analytics , research report to prove that this process will makes sure that the person won’t commit the same crime again and again the same process won’t be followed on the same person and the Tax payers money is wasted again in the systematic way.

Where the hell is Justice ??

No Judge or Lawyer or Police in this country can justify what punishment they have designed for different IPC , SLL and CrPC and how it makes the Undertrial a better person post execution , its just waste of tax money and time.

We have identified the problem and we are working towards solving it, If you feel what we are doing is right then please join us and change the system as what we make is what we get. It just takes a concerned citizen of this country, whether a tax payer , an undertrial, a government officer or spokesperson or any intellectual person with this area of interest to join our hands and make it better for us and by us together. We have formed Undertrial Welfare Association and we are rewriting law IPC , SLL and CrPC so that it adds a value to the economy , and not create a big dent in the economy which is systematically killing us without any reasonable justified logical output.

Digant Sharma

Email – im@digantsharma.com

Mobile – +91-9920808363

7 thoughts on “Where the hell is Justice ??

  1. S R Iyer

    Great approach. I find this a step in right direction. But there are varying class of criminals, who interfere and tamper and crush judiciary. How would you differentiate the water is not consumed by the weeds and field is bereft of water and dying. Caution needed.

    Best wishes.

  2. Anish kumar Das

    Yes, it is true soo much. I think govt. Have to take strong legal action on spot double fine or prison or both. But not in court because under trial investigatiob to chargesheet all prpcess are lenghty. So need proper steps by govt.
    I am with your kind efforts & this is the very good initiative.

  3. PJ

    It held that the procedure will not be just, fair, and reasonable, … to report to it the time periods for which undertrial prisoners had been in prison .

  4. Ravindra

    I have read this. l don’t know, why the
    senior laywer, Govt. legel ddeptt. why they do not aware about all.
    l am a tax payer too. Thanks for the fact shows us.

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